Help VIBEFEST raise money!

We are currently raising money to help one of our staff/artists get a new computer!

Because we believe in transparency, we will give you a breakdown on what exactly the cause is for, and where your money goes when it leaves your pocket.

CauseDescriptionThe money traceDonation link.
The VIBEFEST fundraiser for LAKELAKE is one of the festival's founders, and had an insane set at VIBEFEST Volume 1. However, due to computer issues, they were unable to finish their new set they were planning to debut at Volume 2. So we are going to raise money to get them a new computer! If you like "Break Free" in Volume 1 and wanna help LAKE, anything would help! And you get some merch!!Your Money ➡️ Teespring ➡️ Our PayPal ➡️ LAKE!